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Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments

BBY offers our private investors with access to a diversified menu of top-tier alternative investment funds from a comprehensive range of the world’s leading single-manager alternative investments.

BBY's menu of alternative investment funds is provided by CAIS, a New York-based company focussed on providing an alternatives investment platform to the wealth management industry.

BBY's partnership with CAIS means that 'BBY Investing' clients can invest in a large number of individual funds via a secure easy-to-use web-based portal that displays all funds, products, due diligence reports and performance data.

To become a BBY client to access this outstanding offer, or simply to find out more including the range of funds available and minimum investment requirements, contact 'BBY Investing' at any time.

Click here to visit the CAIS website.

Click here for the CAIS corporate brochure.

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