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Jaguarfunds - Investment Fund

Jaguarfunds - Investment Fund

BBY's Flagship Long Short Hedge Fund

Jaguar Funds, an independent funds manager specialising in absolute return funds, was acquired by BBY in December 2006. Established in 2003, the flagship fund, the Jaguar Australian Leaders Long Short Unit Trust, aims to provide investors with risk-adjusted returns regardless of market conditions.

The Fund is designed to be part of a diversified investment strategy for investors who have a medium to long-term investment outlook and are keen to add value to their portfolio without exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.

The Fund employs a conservative Long Short equity strategy using our own trademark investment process - Momentum, Value & Return (MVRTM), to exploit pricing inefficiencies between related securities. The Top 100 Australian companies are the primary focus of the Fund.

Highly experienced in the Australian and international markets, the Fund's managers apply MVRTM to the investment process and evaluate each opportunity on a risk adjusted basis.

We believe our process will deliver superior returns to our investors because we:

  • Diversify risk across a portfolio of stocks;
  • Evaluate and price risk;
  • Access and utilise the services of the Prime Broker;
  • Protect returns by short-selling Shares;
  • Watch and respond appropriately to information that is rich and time-sensitive in nature

If you would like to invest in the fund, please don't hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment or visit the Jaguarfunds website

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