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Australian Clearing House

Australian Clearing House

BBY is a self-clearing broker, which means that we execute, clear and settle all Australian equity and options trades for our clients ourselves. BBY returned to self-clearing in 2011 when most other ASX Participants were outsourcing to a third-party clearer. The flexibility of self-clearing allows us to offer customised solutions for our fast growing Broker Dealer network and outstanding service for our direct clients. BBY's clearing team has over 100 years' of combined experience in utilizing the latest technology provided by GBST and Agility, and BBY ranks as one of the most efficient ASX, Chi-X and APX clearers.

Operating as a self-clearer means that BBY provides more value to our clients by offering:

  • Quick and accurate trade processing
  • Priority handling of all trades
  • Streamlined compliance procedures and processes
  • Leading-edge technology and some of the most experienced people in the domestic clearing industry
  • A competitive rate without sacrificing service
  • The surety that if a problem does arise, it can be resolved in a timely manner as all trade processing and operations are handled at a single BBY location.